DAVE 2021 Throwback


The DAVE Festival 2021 was, despite the corona restrictions, a really great and inspiring group of events. It was an honor for me to take part in some events last year. The DAVE Team streamed the main events live on YouTube on their channel and on their website. Luckily, they decide to put the final videos on their channel, so that everybody who missed the live events can rewatch them. So, here is a collection of all events i was part of:

DAVE Hoodbash

First, there was the hip-hop event “Hoodbash”, which focused on underground artists of the german rap scene. RFA, GESCHLOSSENE GESELLSCHAFT and WANNANELLY were also part of the event and i played a live show with visual elements and my new case for live events (which wasn’t fully finished at this time). You can watch it here:

Audio & Video Live Jam

Next, there was the synthesizer jam. Because of the rainy weather, the DAVE Team decided to combine the synthesizer jam and the VJ Battle as a multimedia jam, which was a great experience to be part of. Everybody brought only one synthesizer, and we improvised for an hour.


There was also the festival bar Plan B, where you could meet artists, connect and take a break after the events. There were also DJ’s playing on every night of the festival. I played at the final day and also got a little interview on DAVE TV, which you can watch here:

The last thing I can say is thanks to the whole event organization team and I hope, that I can be a part of the festival in 2022 again.

Stay tuned for more news!

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