Artist Bio


Music operates on emotion. While it can be successfully guided by trends and functional formulas, at its core, it is timeless, and each decade adds various new accents to it. The Dresden-based producer, Cana, skillfully incorporates these accents into his hip-hop-inspired sound without confining himself to a specific genre. Often infused with an atmospheric undertone, his music combines samples from old films with punchy basslines and 8-bit arpeggios.

With great attention to detail, he dedicates himself to complex arrangements that guide the listener through different emotional states and tell a little adventure. If one embarks on this acoustic journey, it offers an exciting interplay of light and shadow.

For 15 years now, Cana has been moving in the esteemed wake of his musical colleagues, contributing to fifty releases during this time, three of which he has produced entirely. This extensive collaborative index includes some familiar names such as Gossenboss mit Zett, Kollege Hartmann, Neustädter Harz, Weekend, Rockstah, die Antilopengang, and Vandalismus aka Degenhardt.

On stage, the Dresden-based sound aesthete merges film, light, and sound into a symbiosis that blurs the line between reality and fantasy. Numerous live performances and DJ gigs in the Dresden area, as well as travels to the club scenes of Leipzig, Chemnitz, and Berlin, serve as a reference for his craft.